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Pursoo Toilet Seat Exposed on World Expo of Shanghai
Date£º2010.09.18 Source£º Click£º1098

It is reported by Shanghai: Hey, do you have any stock of Pursoo Toilet Seats? So many incoming calls came in for consult the Pursoo toilet seat to Nanjing Xieli Environmental Conservation Technology Co., Ltd Shanghai office. At the same time, the national and international potential clients also were asking for our products. How can Pursoo toilet seats be so popular in Shanghai? General Manager Mr Yang of Xieli said that the entire world focus on World Expo of Shanghai, which introduced Pursoo products to worldwide.

Pursoo toilet seat are developed by Nanjing Xieli Environmental Conservation Technology Co., Ltd ,it has the capabilities in water saving, can segregate smell-less and make the toilet environment full of fragrance. It has been used widely after it emerged into the market within 1 yr, and it was applied in Shanghai Train Station, administration school of Provincial Party committee Jiangsu Province and Military Region Hospital, it won a good reputation. The experts expect that the successful development of pursoo toilet seats indicates that the third time bathroom sanitary ware revolution is coming. Not long before, The famous Economic Magazine¡¶Business Circles¡· invited Mr, Shiweidong, the president of Xieli to have the lectures in Nanjing University and Southeast University. The slogan of the set up business from selling toilet seats, which has made the college students¡¯ in high spirits and they trust Pursoo products are high technical products, which are worth striving for a goal throughout their life.

Scale of Shanghai World Expo of is so massive, and highly technical sanitary wares are urgently required. When Nepal, Turkey and Malta Pavilions heard Spain exhibition hall exposed pursoo fragrance toilet seat supplied by Nanjing Xieli Environmental Conservation Technology Co., Ltd and has the exclusive capabilities, they contacted our Shanghai office and asked us to fix pursoo toilet seat as soonest as possible. Mr. Li is a president of entertainment enterprise of Zhejiang province, he visited World Expo of Shanghai several days before, and when he saw Pursoo toilet seat, he gave very high praise and he also expected that he can bring pursoo toilet seat into his company then it can save the water up to 70% as his company¡¯s water consumption was so large. Mr.Yang Guang said that pursoo toilet seat¡¯s advantages not only attract national market but also foreign officials. In the early of June, when Philippine Pavilion opened, their president came to the site personally and experienced pursoo toilet seat. He was attracted by the magic function of segregation odor and water saving after went into the restroom. He decided to publicize this kind of toilet countrywide immediately.

Nanjing Xieli Environmental Conservation Technology Co., Ltd exposure is extremely successful. When the report submitting stopped, Channel CCTV-2 invited Mr. Shi Weidong to have a special coverage in June and make full introduction of Pursoo toilet seat sales. It is said that this was the second time that Fist part Column of CCTV-2 invited Mr. Shi Weidong to record the program, beside this; more than 100 national writers will visit Nanjing Xieli Environmental Conservation Technology Co., Ltd on 19th of this month.

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