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Folded Toilet on Spacecraft VII, converting urine to water
Date£º2010.09.18 Source£ºJOUCO Click£º3241
As we all know, astronaut could bring diapers to solve the problem of excretion before  Shenzhou Spacecraft VII appears. Nanjing Xie Li Environmental Conservation Technology Co., Ltd has taken part in building toilet for Shenzhou Spacecraft VI previously. CEO Mr. Shi told us:¡°We build water-free toilet for ground command car, general command institution for VI¡±. Shenzhou Spacecraft VI command car need extraordinary requirement for vehicle-mounted toilet. The request is not only to avoid emergency brake, unlevel ground, atrocious weather,but also non environmental pollution. The toilet developed by Xie Li corporation has met all the requirements, meantime, it need non water inlet and sewage outlet, working by automatically packed and exchange bags. On second steps pollution and cross-infection can work under -30¡ãC to 60¡ãC.

Toilet is the necessary sanitary wares for Shenzhou Spacecraft VII as our astronaut need to live long time in spacecraft cabin. But the cabin space is so small, how can we design the toilet more feasible? Mr Shi introduced that: we arranged folded toilet for Shenzhou VII to save the space. On the other hand, we segregate the urine and excrement. There is a limited water resource in outer space, so astronaut¡¯s urine can not be wasted. We use biological germ to dispose the urine, after several hours the urine can be drunk as drinking water. And as for excrement, we deal with it with vacuum drying pulverization technology and then spill to outer space.
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